j. (forthecake) wrote,

a super junior blog crew

I drew these little things today for another blog crew, yes XD;; i have no life.
Anyway, I'm sorry if they don't resemble the members, but it was the closest I could get to them in 45 minutes, kay? 8D;

this blogcrew is CLOSED.
do not ask for anymore claims.

well, i think they're cute...Collapse )
Tags: blog crew
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DD: onlyyy one
uhm, Hyuk Jae please (:
:DD done
Aww. these are adorable. Sungmin please?
thanks, added XD
Leeteuk please~? :) ♥
sure! :D

Deleted comment

sure :DD
sure :)
Kim Heechul please~? :D

These are so cute.
thanks ♥
HEECHUL ~~~~please?
yepp :D
YESUNG plz<33333

They are adorable. Great job!!
done & thanks :D

Deleted comment

XD done~
can i have choi siwon please? XD thank you
done :D
LEE DONGHAE -points- :D pleaseeee~
sure :DD
Lee Donghae, please.~ ♥
donee :D
Hyukjae? :DD
uh huh :DD
omg, so cute. 8DDD

Kangin, please~? ^^
8D done
i'd like Hankyung please! thanks, these are awesome! ^^
:D done
eeteuk please! ((:
sure thing :)
kim kibum, please? x3
mhmm :)
hyukjae? ♥ :D
added :D

Deleted comment

added :DD

yeah, so do I XD usually they're closed by the time i get to them.
Gosh, Zzung! O_O
These are the most adorable things, EVER!
I need to keep up to date on your art. D:

May I have Eunhyukie? :D

And Jaejin icon.
Just because.
cyndi 8DD hi, how'd you know it was me?

added :D

♥JJ ftw♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
can i have Yesung please! ^^
sure :D

Deleted comment

sure! :D
How cuuuute~ ♥
Donghae? ♥
sure :)


9 years ago

Yesung, please? Thank you! 8D
added, no prob :D
Donghae please? :D! These are so cute~
sure! :DD
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